Every four months your maternity clinic physicians will be hosting a “Meet the Doctor Night.”

Next Meet the Doctor Night:  May 21, 2019     7-8pm     Meeting rooms 1 & 2 in the basement of Peace Arch Hospital

You and your partner and any other interested family or friends are welcome to attend.  During this session, each of our maternity clinic doctors will give a short presentation about a topic related to the latter stages of your pregnancy, you birth, and going home with your baby similar to a mini-prenatal class.  In this way, you can meet each of our clinic doctors even if they are not the doctor you see during your prenatal visits while also getting valuable information about your upcoming birth.  You can also ask questions during or after the session or talk with the doctors one on one at the end of the session.

Topics covered usually include:

  • Introduction of Doctors
  • Having a positive birth experience (birth plan, control, decision making)
  • When and how to call the hospital
  • Early labour
  • Active labour
  • Terminology/tools in labour
  • Coping with labour Pain.  Pain medicine in Labour.
  • Second stage of labour. (Pushing)
  • Your baby’s Birth
  • Postpartum
  • Going home with Baby
  • Questions